Gay Tel Aviv Pride 2014

Published Date Author: , March 10th, 2014

One of the major events in Gay Tel Aviv’s life is the annual pride parade, taking place every year at mid- June, right in the middle of the hot Israeli summer. Over the last couples of years, Tel Aviv parade has become on of the most popular parades in the world, attracting thousands of visitors from all over the globe for an entire weekend of pride, parties, sun, sea and fun.

Gay Tel Aviv pride parade has changed over the years: from a small, scared, underground procession to a huge event, with more than 100000 participants from the entire sexual spectrum: lesbians, gays, bisexuals, queers, trans and even straights! This sharp increase of numbers has also changed the parade’s character, with many disputes between some groups of the LGBT community, who think the parade is now too commercial, and misses out on the real important points it stands for.

But politics aside, Gay Tel Aviv pride is always a reason to celebrate: the city’s all decorated with the rainbow flags, all of the hotels are packed with people (especially the gay ones – Eden Boutique hotel for example), many of the business (not only the gay ones!) offer special deals during the parade weekend, there a gay film festival in town, many gay events, parties and after-parties and even the gay beach (Hilton beach) is crowded than usual, with a daily live DJ session on every day of the week before the parade, to get the visitors into the mood.

PRIDE 2014

The highlight of course is the parade itself. The last few parades were launched from Gan Meir (where is located the Israeli gay center)and then, wandered the streets of Tel Aviv till they reached Gordon beach, for a crazy, humid, colorful pride party. The stage At Gordon beaches will, again, host this year many local talents (Djs, performers, dancers etc) who will keep the party going till Shabbat enters (around 6 pm). Then, it’s time to get some rest before continuing the pride ceremonies in one of the many gay parties happening in town.

This year’s Gay Tel Aviv pride will take place on June 12th, with many new surprises planned, to be announced really soon.

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