San Jose Del Cabo on a Budget

Published Date Author: , February 22nd, 2014

San Jose del Cabo, Baja Sur, Mexico

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Ah, Mexico. In a country known for beautiful beaches, delicious food, and lively street festivals, it can be hard figuring out just where you’d like to spend your time. Perhaps a villa in Riviera Maya? Or a walkabout through historic Mexico City?

Or maybe it’s a week hiding out in enchanting San Jose del Cabo, the “gateway to the Los Cabos Corridor,” as well as the town nearest to Los Cabos International Airport. Though lesser-known than its nonstop-partying neighbor to the west, Cabo San Lucas, it turns out the scenic coastal stretch of San Jose del Cabo is ideal for leisurely bike rides, seafood feasts, and carefree drives up the coast. All on a budget, of course. Here’s how to do it…

Get around efficiently

Cabo is a slightly disjointed place. If you’re content to sit by the pool all day, that’s fine, but what if you want to explore beyond the confines of your resort? For the purpose of exploring around San Jose del Cabo, you generally have two options: hiring a taxi, or renting a car. Considering the former can cost upwards of $15 per ride ($60 per day if you’re making multiple trips), then the rental is often a better option. Spend just $42 per day on a basic set of wheels to dash between your hotel, town, or even a day trip up to a locally-recommended beach.

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