Hilights from Riga, Latvia

Published Date Author: , February 8th, 2014

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Cosmopolitan Riga, with its Art Nouveau architecture and dozens of art galleries, seems like a long-overdue choice for the European Capital of Culture – a title it shares with Sweden’s Umea this year. The Latvian capital has served as a cultural crossroads and a bridge between east and west since its foundation.

Like many Eastern European cities, Riga has become a hugely popular weekend break destination, particularly for Europeans, over the past decade. Fortunately, though, the Latvian capital is still very affordable. Here are some suggestions for enjoying the city’s cultural highlights without having to spend a lot…

Cultural Capital Events

Force Majeure is the theme of Riga’s year in the E.U.’s cultural spotlight. The central message of the program is that culture is a force for positive change, and the city will host more than 200 special events throughout the year, from exhibitions and festivals to concerts by local and international musicians.

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