Edge Boston’s Pics for Fall Gay Travel

Published Date Author: , February 8th, 2014

FallThe final installment in our four-part series, EDGE’s travel editor Matthew Wexler scopes out 12 months of adventure, relaxation and surprises for the LGBT jet setter. For our final hurrah? EDGE explores Fort Lauderdale, Chicago and Johannesburg.

Fort Lauderdale

Once cast in the shadow of her more gregarious sister, Miami, Fort Lauderdale has become a major player in the LGBT vacation scene as well as an appealing destination for full-time residence. EDGE National Nightlife Editor JC Alvarez says, “There’s plenty happening in Fort Lauderdale — people are calling it the ‘New South Beach,’ and there are many folks from New York City actually moving down there just because the living is better.”

Whether you choose to go for the weekend or early retirement, you’ll be in good company: Last year Fort Lauderdale welcomed 1.2 million LGBT visitors.

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