Columbia, South Carolina is Famously Hot

Published Date Author: , February 4th, 2014

Charleston, South Carolina

(Source:Columbia Metropolitan Convention and Visitors Bureau/Brett Flashnick)

South Carolina’s most popular tourist destinations include Charleston’s Historic District and Myrtle Beach. But now its capital city Columbia is redoubling efforts to attract visitors as it markets itself as “Famously Hot.”

Columbia has been best-known for years simply as the seat of state government and home to the University of South Carolina, said Kim Jamieson, spokeswoman for the Midlands Authority for Conventions, Sports and Tourism.

“We are trying to change that mindset that people have about Columbia,” Jamieson said. “It’s a challenge but it’s exciting to be able to change that perception.” She said things began changing a few years ago. Today there’s a marketing approach promoting the region as “Famously Hot,” which Columbia summers certainly are, away from the state’s cool mountain regions and beach sea breezes.

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