USA: Enjoy Our Great National Treasures

Published Date Author: , January 19th, 2014

Utah National ParkA recent road trip with my gal-pal Ms. Scarlett, a brassy broad and long-time resident of Scottsdale who never lost her Long Island accent, reminded me of how intimate and romantic our National Parks can be in winter.

Our nearly 800 mile excursion, dubbed A Very Thelma and Louise Christmas, was similar to past adventures shared with lovers and significant others. Although I dearly love Ms. Scarlett and we travel well together, alas, there was nobody to snuggle under the covers. But if you and your snuggle-bunny enjoy historic hotels, majestic views, exceptional dining and snowflakes dusting your eyelashes, then you might want to pack your bags for a National Park winter getaway.

Our adventure through the American Southwest began at Sky Harbor Airport and we quickly exchanged Ms. Scarlett’s Mercedes-Benz 420 convertible for a rented Toyota RAV 4. We were headed for higher elevations and nasty weather and needed a vehicle with all-wheel drive. If we got caught in a blizzard, then we wanted to be prepared and stocked the vehicle with warm clothes, wine, vodka and honey-liqueur.

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