Oslo, Norway on a Budget

Published Date Author: , January 23rd, 2014

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Oslo is one of the most expensive cities in the world for Americans to visit. But it has almost nothing to do with the currency conversation rate. Currenly $1 USD translates into approximately 6 Norwegian krones, which sounds positive, but consider that a single beer will run you about 60 or 70 krones. Yikes. There’s no getting around the price of a meal in most cases, but we found a few ways to save cash in this spendy destination.

Get Your Tax Back: Even though it is not widely advertised, Americans can shop tax-free at many stores in Oslo. A participating shop will have a tax-free logo displayed in its window, so keep an eye out. And even if there’s no sticker, it’s worth asking at checkout.

When you make your purchase, ask for a “tax free cheque” and hang on to it. To get your money back, find a refund checkpoint when exiting the country at the airport or cruise terminal and present the cheque. Tax is factored into the sticker price in Norway and not added in at the end like in the States, so it will feel like you shopped at a discount. And it’s a pretty steep discount: for retail shopping, taxes make up 25 percent of the sticker price!

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