Cocktail Time in Tel Aviv!

Published Date Author: , January 15th, 2014

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No matter if the weather is nice and warm, foggy, rainy or extremely cold (actually it’s never extremely cold in Israel), we all, or maybe it’s just me, are always looking for the perfect place and time to have our awaited cocktail! And what better time can it be, to search for the perfect one, if not while on a gay vacation in Tel Aviv?

There are many great places in Tel Aviv in which you can have tasty cocktails and drinks, some of them are outdoors, making Israeli summer almost bearable, with the cool sea breeze accompanying the drinks, some of them are more intimate, some are packed while other are always busy, the best way to find your place is just to wander the streets of the city, and choose.

Recently, a new trend has become really popular in Tel Aviv:  more and more bars in the city are serving original, interesting cocktails, and even some new bars, which were just opened, specialize in cocktails only, and serve you the best one you ever had.  Most of them are located in some of Tel Aviv hotel’s lobbies, but there are open to the public, not only to the specific hotel’s guests.

The long term, old fashioned, classic cocktail of all seasons is, with a doubt, the Mojito. The combination of rum, sugar, and mint leaves, make our existence much bearable, and most important- much happier. Mojito is a classic, well- known cocktail, the kind of cocktail bartenders always love to quickly fix you, and the kind of cocktail who will leave you wanting more. You can find great Mojito at Eden Hotel, a boutique gay hotel in Tel Aviv, which has a beautiful rooftop, on which can truly take a break from life while drinking a perfect Mojito.

An excellent cocktail bar recently opened at Hayrkon Street, at Imperial hotel’s lobby, is the Imperial bar.  It is classy, with a warm atmosphere and feeling, corresponding with the early 50’s. The lights are low, the music is mostly jazz music and blues, and the cocktails are simply amazing. No matter what cocktail you prefer, the professional staff will fix it perfectly for you. Take a chance and let them fix you an original, surprising, new cocktail, which will surely take you to another dimension. After that, you’re really ready to explore gay Tel Aviv!

You can’t write about cocktails without mentioning the notorious Apple-Martini cocktail. This allegedly innocent cocktail is also one of the classics, and is being shacked in many bars and restaurants, but if that’s your favorite one, you should definitely go to Hotel Montefiore, one of the most popular and appreciated of Tel Aviv’s hotels. It has its own trendy restaurant, open to the public and is known for its great cocktails, especially the Apple Martini, which is just heavenly.

There are many other locations and venues, in which one can get real good cocktails, accompanied by small snacks or even gourmet food. I truly recommend finding your favorite spot in town, and make it a pause from life, a quality time with yourself or with friends.


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