Visiting Venice’s Caffe Florian

Published Date Author: , December 13th, 2013

Caffe Florian Venice - Carlos MeliaA must stop and try caffe in Venice, right on Piazza San Marco. I am a huge fan of tea time, and this traditional coffee house delivers premium experiences. Yes I agree, it can be a bit touristy, but if you choose the time of the day to visit, wisely, you will be on your own just like I did. Later on reading and researching, I found my connection to this iconic Venetian coffee house, the Argentinean connection. Caffe Florian was Jorge Luis Borges’ favorite coffee house in Venice.

Opened in 1720 in Piazza San Marco in Venice, Caffe Florian is Italy’s oldest Cafe. While seated in one of the cafe’s frescoed rooms or outside listening to the orchestra in the Piazza, one can enjoy impeccable service and products of the finest quality.

Famous for its rich history as a crossroads of art, culture, politics and entertainment.

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