Visiting the New Harlem

Published Date Author: , December 9th, 2013

Harlem - The SojournerThere’s such thing as Italian Renaissance. Or English Renaissance. But, there’s no such thing as Manhattan or Queen or Bronx or Brooklyn Renaissance. However, there’s such thing as Harlem Renaissance. It refers to the African-American cultural movement in the 1920\0x2032s in the US where Harlem in New York City was at the center of the New Negro Movement. In the old days, Harlem was a small Dutch farming village. It was named after Haarlem in Holland, a.k.a Netherlands.

But, enough of history. It bores me. 😀

The New Harlem in New York City has changed dramatically (or drastically?) through the years. Used to be feared for its high crime rate and known for its people in dire poverty, Harlem, nowadays, is a bustling area of diversity, businesses and developments. Skyscrapers are beginning to rise and rents are going up, too. The favorite word around is: gentrification.

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