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Published Date Author: , December 2nd, 2013

Adam GroffmanWhere did you go on your last holiday? This October, I travelled around south-western Germany for two weeks. I began in Berlin and travelled into the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, to Stuttgart, where I visited towns and cities using day-pass train tickets. From Stuttgart, I went to Heidelberg, home to Heidelberg Castle. It’s very touristy but very pretty. My uncle visited there 25 years ago and told me about its historic old town and the Neckar river that runs through it, so I went to see it for myself. He enthused about a German restaurant on Ploeck Strasse but when I found the address, it was an Indian restaurant.

I then travelled to Freiburg, a big university town in the Black Forest. It looks like a typical German village, marked by a big church – the Freiburg Minster – and rows of houses with steep roofs. It has a wild side because of the students. I went to a brilliant dive bar on Ludwidstrasse. It was a stereotypical German dive bar, a ‘kneipe’, with German beers on tap, a cosy wooden bar and a lively, friendly crowd of regulars. It reminded me of one of my favourite Berlin bars, Bei Schlawinchen, which is open 24 hours a day and full of every person imaginable: hipsters, old men smoking cigars and far-too-drunk locals.

When travelling, I always try to eat the local specialties. In south-western Germany, this is spaetzle, a dish of traditional dumpling or noodles boiled in broth and then pan fried with butter and served up in a bowl.

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