Oh Tannenbaum

Published Date Author: , December 8th, 2013

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Written by Robert Saldarini for Diversity Rules Magazine
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Regardless if you celebrate Christmas or respectfully decline, few can dispute the glamor of the Christmas tree. In actuality, the tree predates Christianity and was an intimate part of winter festivals. Few know that celebrating Christmas was viewed as pagan and outlawed in the newly found settlement of Boston; whereby, a fine was levied if one made merry. Even after the Revolutionary War, Congress sat in session on the 25th of December.  Time past and in 1870 America declared Christmas a National holiday. So, let’s look beyond the political correctness and religion of late December and instead admire the art of the Christmas tree.

New York State hosts the most celebrated Christmas tree in the Nation, i.e., the one that stands in Rockefeller Center (47 to 51 Streets between 5 & 6 Avenues). The majesty of this tree is uncompromised by any other as it is set behind the beauty of the ice-rink. The tree lighting is set for December 4. Nonetheless, New York City offers other spectacular trees which are indoors, such as, the tree at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (5 Avenue and 82 Street) and the tree at the Plaza Hotel (5 Avenue and Central Park South).

Yet, the great State of New York has spectacular Christmas tree displays beyond those found in New York City. In Syracuse, you can enjoy the beauty of the Clinton Square (North Clinton Street) tree which is lighted as part of the City’s “Home for the Holidays” tradition.  In Yorktown, the community Christmas tree stands proud at the Jack DeVito Memorial Field (Front Street) where it is lighted following the Annual Lights Parade on December 7.  Speaking of December 7, if you are near Buffalo, journey to the Rotary Rink at Fountain Plaza (Main and Chippewa Streets) where the City tree lighting is immediately followed by a fireworks display. The vast geography of the State generates more tree exhibits than could possibly be discussed here, so, power-up your computer and find a local event that celebrates the beauty of the evergreen.

If you celebrate the Holiday with a tree, consider ‘keeping it real.’ Artificial pre-lighted trees can be perfect down to every needle. Nonetheless, the smell and history of a live tree adds a bit of magic that plastic and steel simply cannot replicate. The State offers many opportunities for a ‘bringing home the tree’ adventure; for example, in Albany County, you can visit George and Janice VanEtten at the VanEtten Tree Farm (2000 Berne-Altamont Road) and tie up a fir of your choice.

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