Little Rock, Arkansas – An Improbable Oasis

Published Date Author: , December 13th, 2013

Gay Hot Springs, ArkansasLittle Rock, Arkansas may not show up on most LGBT travelers’ domestic bucket list, but maybe it’s time that bucket got bigger. Located in the heart of a very conservative state in the deep red South-a state where, in 2004, voters approved a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman and employment discrimination against the LGBT community is still legal-Little Rock is a surprisingly sophisticated and seductive city.

Named in September by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance as the country’s best moderately sized metropolis, the city heartily embraces gay residents and visitors. With a wealth of LGBT-friendly bars, restaurants and shops, a booming drag scene and a smorgasbord of special queer events, Little Rock, Arkansas just might be the South’s next great gay destination.

Little Rock’s Main Drag

Travelers anxious to experience the best of Little Rock LGBT culture would do well to start with its transcendent drag shows. Female impersonation took center stage in the city in 1972, when resident Norman Jones won the first Miss Gay America crown in Nashville. Jones eventually bought the pageant (producing many of the contestants in Little Rock) before opting out in 2005. Today, Jones owns the nightclubs Triniti, which is open Fridays, and Discovery, which opens on Saturdays. Housed in the same massive space, they offer three bars, DJs spinning nearly all night and live entertainment including, of course, drag.

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