Finding the Hidden Italy

Published Date Author: , December 9th, 2013

BolognaEven if Italy isn’t the most tolerant country regarding same-sex couples, due to the strong influence of the Vatican, it has grown to accept its gay and lesbian citizens, especially over the past few decades. Homosexuality has been legal here since 1889, and the age of consent is 16. It is of course forbidden to have sex in public, and even open displays of affection can be an issue with some officials.

No law has been passed to recognize same-sex couples, but in some towns there are registered civil partnerships that give recognition, if no special rights, to gay couples couple.

And yet, Italy remains a favorite romantic destination for gay men and lesbians.

VitorchianoRome, Florencem and Venice are wonderful places to see at least once in your life. But over the years, the increasing number of visitors from all over the world has pushed them to become extremely tourist-oriented, and more commercial. Although still beautiful, they have lost the “true Italian” authenticity and experience.

Italy, a country with more than 3,000 years of history, has much more to offer. There are many places not yet overcome by tourists, where you can experience towns, food, people & customs which are truly Italian. Landscapes rivaling (and perhaps surpassing) Tuscany await your discovery along the back roads.

My Hidden ItalySo how to help a gay target travelling in Italy, discovering new areas and combining adventure with high quality, and safe? This is why ever since I have started my company, “My Hidden Italy”, back in 2007, I undertook a big challenge: build a gay-friendly tour operator able to offer private tours with a welcoming and pleasant travel enviroment. All the hotels, restaurants, guide and transports involved in our services are gay-friendly. This is the idea who convinced me to become IGLTA member last year.

But eventually my challenge was even bigger: So I have developed off the beaten track itineraries with gay-friendly unconventional experience for travelers: Puglia, the heel of Italy, Sicily, Amalfi Coast and Piedmont with its world class wine area. There is much more to say, and so much more to see in Italy than one might expect. On my web site,, you can find my point of view, and the Italy I know best, “My Hidden Italy”.

Click here for gay travel resources in Italy.

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