Will Marriage Equality Boost Hawaii Gay Tourism?

Published Date Author: , November 15th, 2013

Gay Wedding in CancunA gay couple of 14 years stayed up late Friday night in Texas to watch the live stream of the Hawaii House of Representatives voting to approve same-sex marriage after a heated, days-long debate in the Aloha state legislature.

Though the same-sex marriage bill passed by the state Senate on Tuesday was set to be signed by the governor on Wednesday, the couple didn’t hesitate: they immediately contacted a Maui resort and reserved their dream wedding. The message: “Book it, we’re coming,” said Randy Broussard, a 64-year-old retired nurse living in the central Texas city of Temple with his partner, Ray Arsenault, 69. “Being married at sunset on the beach in the warm sun, it just was so appealing,” Broussard told NBC News on Sunday. “It’s a go.”

In Hawaii, where tourism is the No. 2 industry behind the military, businesses are hoping to snag some of the multi-million dollar gay wedding market just as other states have following passage of their same-sex marriage laws.

Authored By Miranda S. Leitsinger – See the Full Story at NBC News

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