Visiting Gay Seattle: Queen Anne Hill & The Airport

Published Date Author: , November 9th, 2013

Time for the last part of our series from our recent visit to Seattle.

First up, Queen Anne Hill:


Cute, cute, cute. Take Queen Anne Ave. up the hill from close to the Space Needle. Round the corner at the top, and you’re in one of the cutest shopping districts in Seattle. Here you’ll find about a thousand pizza places (including a branch of favorite Via Tribunali), Chocolopolis (with one of the cutest chocolatiers we’ve met yet), and a great bunch of little boutique shops, cafes and restaurants.


Seattle - 5 Spot5 Spot ( Another of the Chow Foods restaurants, this one changes cuisine every three months. While we were there, they were serving New Mexican cuisine – specifically Roswell, New Mexico. Space art filled the walls, aliens orbited in paper machie saucers, and dialigue from the X-Files was read aloud from the speakers in the bathroom. I had the Huevos Rancheros. Good food and wacky fun.


Chocopolis - SeattleChocolopolis ( Divine drinking chocolate (get the one with the pepper spices) and gorgeous hand-made chocolates – as well as a cute chocalatier – make this a must-see on Queen Anne Hill.

South Lake Union

South Lake UnionJust south of Lake Union and east of the Space Needle, there’s an up-and-coming little neighborhood called South Lake Union. Full of condo and apartment buildings, many built to house and Microsoft employees, it has a bit of the feel of Portland’s Pearl, but not as big or developed yet, and lacking the amenities – parks, restaurants, and shopping. Still, this could be a great up and coming Seattle neighborhood, with its potential lake and downtown views.

Finally, SEATAC Airport


Vino Volo ( Surprisingly good (and affordable) small plates and gourmet cuisine inside SeaTac’s center court. Although the service was a little slow, the food was great – including a brie and prosciutto sandwich with fig marmalade, a green salad with chicken, and salmon rolls. If you have the time, grab a bite to eat here on your way out of town.

Things that make You Go Hmmm…

As we were walking through the terminal (B), we noticed a couple interesting things. First off, the floor is set with brass fish, in a ling row up and down the terminal – swimming upstream to spawn. Look closely, though. One of them has a suitcase.

We also noticed that the drinking fountain here has a unique trait. It gurgles. There’s a speaker underneath that puts out gurgling water sounds whenever anyone takes a drink. Try it – you will get looks.

Hope you have fun in Seattle!

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