Venice to Block Large Cruise Ships

Published Date Author: , November 25th, 2013

Venice Cruise ShipThe Italian government’s recent decision to limit the number of large ships entering Venice through scenic Giudecca Canal early next year – and eventually, prohibit them altogether – may come as a blow to some cruise passengers who have their hearts set on seeing this famous city.

A new weight limit has been proposed for all ships entering through the city center to reach the cruise passenger terminal, a route that has traditionally yielded classic views of the duomo, the waterfront palazzi, and gondolas drifting by. By next November, all ships heavier than 96,000 tons will be banned from entering the city completely, meaning by summer of 2015, there will be no large ships cruising into Venice at all.

Big ships that are still scheduled to sail to or from Venice next summer include MSC Cruises’ Fantasia, a 3,200-passenger ship that weighs in at 138,000 tons, and Costa Cruises’ Magica, which carries 2,700 and weighs 102,000 tons. Celebrity Cruises has two 122,000-ton, ships operating from Venice next summer.

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