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Published Date Author: , November 9th, 2013

Carlos Melia on the Royal ScotsmanTraditional style and elegant comfort provide an unparalleled way to explore the very best of Scotland and the Highlands. Here is my photo album and videos of the daily life onboard the luxury train “The Royal Scotsman” by Orient-Express, traveling from/to Edinburgh across the Highlands. I spent 5 fabulous days onboard, and I have to say, it is without a doubt a true travel experience. The train itself becomes your destination, and the most sophisticated and comfortable way to explore the breathtaking wonders of this amazing country.

This was my fourth time onboard Orient-Express trains, and I look forward to my next. I have tried before the iconic Eastern Oriental Express (from Thailand to Singapore), the Hiram Bingham (from Cusco to Machu Picchu, Peru), dinner onboard the Orient-Express from London to Manchester, and now I have added The Royal Scotsman.

Embark on a truly unique journey on board The Royal Scotsman. As the train draws out of Edinburgh’s Waverley Station, your journey into a magical place of history, nature and romance begins. Watch the sun chase the last of the mist from the mountaintops as you sip your coffee. Enjoy a morning in the great outdoors with an exhilarating clay pigeon shoot or a highland safari before lunch, followed by a visit to a ruined castle or a whisky distillery. Indulge in afternoon tea while sharing stories with fellow guests as the train journeys on. Nightfall brings cocktails and candlelit dinners before sinking into your comfortable cabin to dream of the next day’s adventures. A Journey Like no Other. !!!

Here you can see my Cabin. This was a Double Twin Cabin. Compared to my previous experience on the Eastern Oriental Express, this rooms were slightly bigger, same with the bathroom. Traveling solo, I had the option to use one bed as my sofa, and the other one to sleep.

Lounging and Dinning on the move is beyond and a highlight. Served in their mahogany-panelled Dining Cars, enjoy your meals in groups of fours, or on larger tables of six or eight. A range of fine wines, liqueurs and malt whiskies is available from our extensive cellar. Things I have missed on this train, that I experienced on the other trains are: (1). Private seating at the restaurants either if you are a single traveler or a couple. (2). The option to select your own wines from the menu, of course at an extra cost, if you choose to do so, instead of the proposed pairing suggested by the Sommelier.

Other than these, each meal was an experience itself, specially the formal ones. I mean, I am a big fan of black tie and formal, bringing the old school sexy back.

With game-rich glens, Aberdeen Angus beef, a wealth of seafood and rivers of wild salmon, our chefs use the best local produce. All are served with regional specialities. Enjoy a hearty Highland breakfast or start the day continental style. Lunch may be a bowl of steamed mussels overlooking a romantic harbour or seared salmon served on the train. As evening falls, take your seat in the Dining Car. Expect sensational dishes, like warm pigeon salad accompanied by blackcurrant dressing, spiced roast halibut, and sumptuous apple mousse. And BTW, any food restrictions or allergies will be taken with extra attention and accommodated.

There are formal and informal dinners aboard The Royal Scotsman, usually on alternate nights. For formal dinners, it is encouraged a tuxedo or kilt for gentlemen and a cocktail dress or similar for ladies. For informal dinners, a jacket and tie is recommended.

One of my main concerns, was the fact that we were a group of 10 gay guys, on our mid to late 3o’s, and h0w we would be welcomed by the rest of the 26 passengers on the train. Indeed is a very tight and private environment. Well same as I was proven on my trip on the Eastern Oriental Express with my partner, everyone got along EXTREMELY well, and by the second day, each of us was being asked to join different tables.

Interesting people from around the world, fantastic conversations, and new friends to stay in contact. I must not omit to mention, the excellent work and outreach that Orient-Express, as a global brand, has been doing for the last three years to the international LGBT community, supporting organizations, individuals and investing money, time and efforts in the community. DIVERSITY is welcomed and informed onboard the Orient-Express.

The staff was beyond warm, friendly and professional. Always attentive to our needs, and always addressing each of us by our names and last names. So young and so well trained and professionals. The perfect way to discover Scotland in full luxury, from the soaring Highlands to fine whisky distilleries, Scotland’s heritage, wildlife and landscapes make it a perfect destination.

As for the overall experience, I would recommend it to most of my clients, with the only mention that, unlike the Eastern Oriental Express, this train overnights still at different train stations, not sleeping with the train in monition, which for most of you, this might be a positive sign, but I must admit I really enjoyed the rocking movement of the train at night, during my journey through South East Asia. Just a matter of taste.

Everyday is an experience. Everyday new excursions, Whiskey Tasting, Castles, Royal families to visits and many more alternative experiences. I am posting one by one, day by day. Here you can find some of them, which I will be updating as I include them.

I feel so blessed and fortunate to have these amazing experiences, traveling worldwide along such amazing companies, over and over again. Just by looking at the videos and photos, I get emotional and long to soon return to this experiences, and this time share it with loved ones, friends and clients. Thank you Orient-Express, for allowing me to see the world through your own eyes, and experiences worldwide Journeys Like no Other.

Authored By Carlos Melia – See the Full Story at the Carlos Melia Blog

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