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Cruise Excursions

Peter BennWe ran across this book by an Australian author who has been reading our travel columns here on Purpleroofs for the past few years and from start to finish his book is a MUST for anyone traveling to Europe and or the Baltic. This was written as a record of his travels with Atlantis and R.S.V.P. gay cruises in the Baltic and the Mediterranean – though the information is totally universal as the very same shore trips are available week in and week out on just about all the cruise lines.

It is a taste of what the reader can expect to see when in port. He relates to the reader about each of the below places where he has visited and gives very insightful inside information on each port. Anybody knows what to do on a cruise ship but it is when you are in ports that is usually the problem.

RSVP CruiseHe talks about places like Barcelona, Bilbao, Seville (Cadiz), Rome, Copenhagen, Corfu (Kerkira), Helsinki, Ibiza, Izmire, (Ephesus), Corunna, La Spezia, Le Havre, Lisbon, Messina, Naples, Salerno, St. Petersburg, Stockholm,Tallinn,Valetta, Venice, Ajaccio (Corsica), Amsterdam and Dubrovnik in Croatia.

As a helpful bonus there is also a summary for the first time cruiser as to what to expect as you board your cruise, and perhaps more importantly a check list as to what to pack and take in order for your shore excursion to be problem free. Also there is a very important article for those who suffer seasickness and have therefore avoided the joys of cruising.

The author says that he used to be the world’s worst sailor, but with inexpensive acupressure wristbands available from any drug store his life and yours as well, can change allowing everyone to undertake cruising without nausea.

cruise photoThe author Peter Benn is a mature age gay man living and writing from Melbourne, Australia. He likes to write about the things he knows and cares about. He trusts that his experiences will make the paths of others who follow much easier. His books reflect this mature age view of the world.

He also desires to inspire mature age men to take control of their lives and perhaps like himself, seek a sea-change and begin to follow and activate their dreams. After a life-time of being told that he should write, he finally did – at sixty three years of age. He’s proof that it’s never too late to begin. Peter was married to a woman for 13 years and currently lives in a decade long same-sex relationship.

He has also written two other books, TALES FROM THE FUR SIDE: Perfectly Adorable Cat Stories and THE VERSATILE HUSBAND, which answers all the questions a man might as about same-sex attraction. It is a straightforward practical guide for men in a heterosexual relationship who would like to explore with other men.

The books can be ordered from

Save yourself a lot of hassles and worries and purchase his book BEFORE you take your next cruise. It will certainly be money well spent.

And on a special note to our readers wanting to take a Gay Cruise:
Every marketing material that we have ever seen for gay cruises showed throngs of hot 30 year old something’s with 5% body fat wearing a bikini, thong or no clothes. In reality that makes up for about 10% of the people on board. In reality, the passengers resembled a gay bar in the Midwest, more than a circuit party. Every kind of gay man is on board: Men in their 20’s thru their 80’s; Black, white and Asian; Bears, jocks and twins; Gamblers, circuit boys and Broadway queens. Many are wearing baggy blue jeans and everything else. So do not get your hopes up!

Always remember to have fun when traveling, meet new people and talk to everyone!

Donald and RayTRAVELING IN OUR FABULOUS GAY WORLD is written by Donald Pile and Ray Williams, Award-winning, Celebrity travel columnists who write for gay publications from coast to coast (And now legally married). Proud members of the IGLTA. You can email them at and visit their website at

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