The Straight Scoop on Gay and Lesbian Adventures in Hawaii

Published Date Author: , November 4th, 2013

HonoluluYes, my dear, there is a wealth of fun for Gays and Lesbians to partake in Hawaii. From clubs to tours…They don’t call Oahu the meeting place for nothing! Sure, the Aloha spirit flows through the pulsating dance floors of some very friendly nightclubs. But what do you do during the daylight hours, other than work on a gorgeous tan?

Oh those Frisky Dolphins

Hawaii is the home to the fun and frolic of Spinner Dolphins. These are smaller than your Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins of “Flipper” fame. These little creatures are known for eating and fun–all sorts of fun. Yes, that sort of fun. And before you think that the male of the species are only attracted to the females of our species, think again! You can take a tour that let’s you swim with these creatures of the deep.

Lust at the Luau

There is a LGFL (Lesbian Gay Friendly Luau) on Oahu. They say that Las Vegas is the ninth island of Hawaii and this show mixes Vegas glitz and skin with Hawaiian tradition. The show is amazing and the bodies, both male and female will make your heart race with the dances. Add to that a decent menu, drinks with umbrellas and the one you love …and you’ve got a great evening. This Sunday night Luau is open to the family-toting public, so if you have kids of your own it’s a great place to bring them, too.


One very fun thing to do is take a tour. OMG! There is one very friendly tour company called Discover Hawaii Tours that offers just about every kind of sight seeing and bust- your- butt adventure you can imagine. If you like to snap photos, go on a circle island tour that takes you to some incredibly beautiful beaches and sights. I prefer the Eco Tour on the Safari Bus. This open air fun bus is sans window glass bringing all the wonderful sights, sounds and scents to your senses. With the Eco Tour you get to see Wiamea Valley and the amazing flowers and plants. I swear the gods of green thumbs must live here. One my favorites is the Clitoria fairchildiana, which has this amazing flower you must see.

If you are a fan of workouts, take the Discover Hawaii Tours new sunrise Koko head climb. The climb isn’t for the weak hearted, but the sunrise is awesome. I’ve done it just to stop, rest and enjoy the scenery when I took my breaks. Or you can even go take Pearl Harbor tours and take in a history lesson…even go down below decks of the battleship Missouri. Each of the gun barrels weighs more than a 747 jumbo jet! I’ve never said “It’s so big” and meant it more!

What list of things to do wouldn’t include a couple night spots? Waikiki has a few:

Hula’s Bar & Lei Stand has male go go dancers. Is it true what they say about these exotic types? I’ll never tell! Located at 134 Kapahulu Ave. (2nd Floor Waikiki Grand) (Seaside) Honolulu, HI 96815.

Fusion. A Oahu tradition with lots of events. 2260 Kuhio Ave. (2nd floor) (Seaside Ave.)
Honolulu, HI 96815

In Between.
Gay friendly dive bar with Karaoke and friendly people.
2155 Lauula St (Lewers (down walkway by Prada on Kalakaua. Honolulu, HI 96815

There you have it. And I’ve only touched the surface. Hawaii is simply a gay friendly place with lots to see and do…besides people watching (and lusting) at the beach.

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