From New York City to Atlantic City

Published Date Author: , November 23rd, 2013

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Following some recent legislation, it’ll be at least seven years before developers are allowed to build a casino in New York City (though we’d happily wait another 50). Until then, New Yorkers craving the sounds of ringing slot machines and clacking poker chips will continue trekking to the same ocean-sprayed resort town they’ve been visiting since the early 1900s: Atlantic City.

And why shouldn’t they? Situated just 130 miles south of Manhattan, Atlantic City is an easy day trip that’s both cheap and entertaining. Don’t believe us? Allow the facts to speak for themselves:

How to get there

The cheapest and fastest way to the Boardwalk is a bus that leaves from Port Authority on 42nd St and Eighth Avenue. Academy Bus runs every hour (and sometimes, multiple times per hour) from 8am to 9pm, with roundtrip tickets starting at $40. Watch out, though: different buses arrive at different casinos, so to minimize confusion, pick the route that will bring you closest to your final destination.

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