Baden-Baden’s Subtle But Exquisite Beauty

Published Date Author: , November 25th, 2013

Baden-Baden, Germany - Adam GroffmanSo I’ve been living in Germany for a decent amount of time now and yet the country is still surprising me. As it turns out, Germany is more than just beer and bratwurst! In the small town of Baden Baden, I found a pocket of luxury and subtle beauty.

Actually, this town seems to have strived off a reputation of luxury. It was once THE luxury retreat for visitors from across Europe–even the Romans used to visit way back in the day.

Today the town feels a bit like a spa resort living off its past laurels. Granted, the spas in Baden-Baden today are still pretty spectacular. I visited the legendary Friedrichsbad Spa–a place Mark Twain once visited and noted on its ability to make one forget about the world. That was quite the experience…especially the naked wash-down I got as part of my spa package. (And it was cheap too! 35[euro] with the soap & brush massage.)

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