Museums Ought to Be Free

Published Date Author: , October 28th, 2013

Museums of LondonYou see, it was when I was living in London as a university student that I discovered the amazing benefits of free access to art & culture. Being priced out of so many other activities and attractions in London, London offers up more than a few free, donation-only museums.

Much like America’s capital city, Washington D.C., London is the heart and soul of England and, as such, the state-owned museums provide a certain amount of culture to its inhabitants and residents. And as someone with a lot of free time and not much money, London’s free museums were a life-saver.

I used to visit the Tate Modern gallery once a week, maybe just for a few minutes as part of my walk home after my internship. But those brief moments of passing through a museum, soaking in a tiny bit of culture, watching people and learning how they look at art. Those were defining moments in my own quest for creativity and culture.

Authored by Adam Groffman

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