Visiting Gay Seattle: Terra Plata, Our Top Restaurant Pick

Published Date Author: , September 22nd, 2013

Terra Plata Restaurant - Seattle

Terra Plata Restaurant - SeattleLast year, we came to Terra Plata for drinks and dessert. It’s a beautiful restaurant nestled between Pike and Pine about two blocks east of the 5. This year we came back for dinner – and it’s now our favorite Seattle restaurant.

Owned by lesbian couple Linda (the host) & Tamara (the chef), this place has a really great, cool, comfortable atmosphere.

Terra Plata Restaurant - Seattle

Photo courtesy of my cousin, Diana

One of our favorite things about Terra Plata is the rooftop bar – opened just last summer. We followed our host up the stairs at the back, and emerged onto a charming rooftop scene – a long, narrow triangle-shaped space with a fireplace at the pointy end, an urban herb garden along the edges, and an outdoor grill where chef and co-owner Tamara sometimes prepares food for the upstairs crowd.

The evening was beautiful – clear and warm, but there are overhead heaters to keep you comfortable even on cool nights. And they plan to install a plexiglass roof for the winter time to open the deck on clear days.

On top of all that, the food here was divine.

Terra Plata Restaurant - SeattleWe started with garbanzo beans, cooked in their pods like edamame – you’ve never had garbonzos like this before. They were absolutely delicious.

Following the garbonzos, we enjoyed to appetizers – the first was an eggplant with a touch of lemon on top of a tahini sauce.

Terra Plata Restaurant - SeattleThe second – a plate of purple organic carrots from a local root farm – roasted with shallots, citrus, ras en handout, and a touch of honey – OMG, they were to die for. I don’t even like cooked carrots, and I couldn’t get enough of them.

The chanterelle mushroom risotto was also fantastic, and as were the churros we had for desert, dipped in fresh whipped cream, with a spicy chocolate and caramel sauce.

Terra Plata Restaurant - SeattleBut my absolute favorite of the night was the chocolate mint soda – it has no actual chocolate, but they use fresh mint leaves grown on-site that have a chocolate flavor to them. I had two.

The host, Linda, came over and spent a few minutes welcoming us back and talking to us – she and Tamara were very active in the marriage equality campaign here last year.

There was a large LGBT presence in the place, and some very cute waiters.

This place is a must-try for anyone visiting Seattle.

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