Traveling With a Disability

Published Date Author: , September 17th, 2013

HandicapNavigating after Achilles surgery on my right ankle last August was a tough experience. But being disabled for a short time opened my eyes to the very serious lessons of what it would be like to not be able to walk. Being reliant on others was an eye-popping experience.

Since I love to write about travel, I wanted to share my experiences with different airlines during my short-term disability…

Like the story of Achilles in Greek mythology, an injury to that tendon renders you helpless when it comes to walking. Not being able to walk for three months with three children, work and a cross-country move to a new town was stressful – to say the least. Luckily friends from across the country sent meals, neighbors drove the kids to activities and school and helped me hire a college student to handle the morning routine.

After a month on bed rest with the right leg propped up, I decided to venture out in the world using a knee scooter.

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