Lesbian Travelers Spread Goodwill One Vacation at a Time

Published Date Author: , September 30th, 2013

Sweet LogoHeads up, ladies looking to book travel plans over the next year: Lesbian-owned travel company Sweet is currently booking all-girl trips between now and next September, heading to fab locales around the world like Cozumel and South Africa. But as blissful as that sounds, these trips come with an extra twist of sweetness.

Founded in 2008 by entrepreneur Shannon Wentworth, Sweet creates vacation getaways in countries around the globe, where travelers, known as “Sweeties,” can not only enjoy everything the destination has to offer but take part in community service projects that are aimed at bettering the lives of local women, children, animals and the environment.

So far they’ve visited 12 countries and clocked in 5,000 hours of aid. Some of the things they’ve done?: planted 7,000 trees, removed heaps of garbage from littered beaches, created school libraries, and provided water filters for a community in Puerto Vallarta that had no access to clean agua.

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