Random Nakedness, Sexual Innuendos, Drink Specials – It’s The Castro!

Published Date Author: , August 15th, 2013

Castro Muni StationThe Castro District deserves its own article, and I’ll tell you why…random nakedness, sexual innuendos, and drink specials.

If you’re ever blessed with the chance to go hangout in the Castro, you may immediately notice something odd..and unclothed. Yes my friends, it’s legal to go in public completely nude in the Castro. That old guy cruising down the street in just a jacket and a smile is not senile. He’s exercising his right to bare it all. “In accordance with state law, public nudity is only illegal when accompanied by “lewd thoughts or acts” or “where there are present other persons to be offended or annoyed.” (NY Times). So if you’re of the faint of heart or have delicate sensibilities, then the Castro is no place for you. You may be better suited to wine country.

In the Castro, sexual innuendos are the name of the game. Walking down the street you’ll see a restaurant called, “The Sausage Factory.” Naturally, being a predominately gay-cultured district, this could easily be taken in other ways. There’s also “The Hot Cookie,” “Twin Peaks,” and a particularly memorable one, “Hand Job: Nails and Spa.” Ah, nothing puts me in a better mood than a good double entendre…oh, and a good drink special!

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