Exploring the Grand Canyon and Flagstaff

Published Date Author: , August 21st, 2013

Grand CanyonThe Grand Canyon has been showered with accolades as much as any of America’s many spectacular national parks, yet few who visit this 300-mile-long gorge leave disappointed – it’s one natural attraction that truly lives up to its considerable reputation. Many of the park’s LGBT visitors combine their adventure with either a stay in rollicking Las Vegas or the groovy New Age town of Sedona, but don’t overlook the nearest small city, Flagstaff. This laid-back, cultured, and pine-studded college town has plenty going for it and makes a terrific base for exploring northern Arizona.

The largest city on Interstate 40 between Los Angeles and Albuquerque, Flagstaff (flagstaffarizona.org) is known for its seemingly endless supply of inexpensive chain motels and restaurants. Sadly, too many road-tripping visitors never get much beyond the exit ramp before continuing on with their journeys.

In fact, this well-kept, historic city of about 66,000 is worth getting to know – it’s known for cool, dry summers and snowy but sunny winters, and has enough diversions and attractions to keep you busy for several days.

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