Vermont Gay Travel: Whatever Your Heart Desires…

Published Date Author: , July 1st, 2013

VermontVermont is beautiful every season of the year. The summer, however, is exceptional. The trees in the mountains are so thick that they seem soft to the touch and vegetation literally blooms everywhere it can.  Add to that, temperatures that rarely hit 90 degrees and low humidity – Vermont is a summer destination not to be overlooked.

So why miss out?  Sun Birds have been coming to Vermont in the summer for decades to avoid the hot and humid weather of other parts of the country.  Why not get a group of your friends together to spend some relaxing times in beautiful, bucolic Vermont?

Custom Tours, Inc., based in Vermont’s Capital, Montpelier, has been doing just that since 1994.  According to their website: “Vermont offers many exceptional and diverse touring options: soft adventure tours with guides, breathtaking 18-hole golf courses, panoramic hiking, picturesque bicycling, scenic canoeing, fabulous tennis facilities, and unspoiled white water rafting!”  If those examples aren’t enticing enough – don’t forget the natural beauty you can experience while sitting and enjoying delicious locally grown foods. The possibilities are endless.

Imagine spreading out on a cozy motor coach, enjoying your favorite cocktail, while leisurely traveling to peaceful, beautiful Vermont.   When you arrive, you are warmly greeted at your mountainside or lakefront property. From here on, the rest of your trip is what you want to make it – all thanks to Custom Tours.

Perhaps you just want to relax and enjoy some privacy? Or, you may want to be active and enjoy the outdoor playground that Vermont excels at? What about visiting and exploring Vermont’s cultural and culinary delights? How about some of everything? Custom Tours will tailor your group tour to make it feel like individual travel.

When you (sigh!) leave Vermont, you’ll already be planning your next trip.

MK Bateman is a Freelance Writer and Blogger based in Vermont.

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