Exploring Gay Melbourne

Published Date Author: , July 3rd, 2013

Australia Gay TravelI fully expected to be greeted by a throbbing crowd of Hemsworths when I got off the plane at Melbourne Tullamarine airport a few months ago. There are still plenty of hotties to stare at…

Unlike its sister city and rival for tourists attention Sydney, Melbourne doesn’t scream gay. It simply comments on it every now and then without over stating. I think the best way of describing gay Melbourne is to picture how gay you are throughout the week. If Sydney is you being gay on a Saturday, Melbourne is how gay you are on Monday. You’re still plenty gay but you’re less likely to be dancing in a parade in skin tight silver hot pants on a Monday … Less likely but still could be.

So the gay things you enjoy mid week are what Melbourne has to offer in spades! Fantastic restaurants, a barrage of cafes on every street corner, wine bars and wineries, spas, museums, theatres, concert halls and festivals. Melbourne is everything a trendy gay could ever want.

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