Virgin Atlantic’s Richard Branson Pays Off Bet – In Drag

Published Date Author: , May 13th, 2013

Richard Branson in DragAs we mentioned here before,Virgin Atlantic head Richard Branson lost a bet with AirAsia head Tony Fernandes. Here’s the delightfully finny result, as reports:

Branson lost a Formula One racing bet with AirAsia chief Tony Fernandes in 2010 and paid it off by serving as a flight attendant. Branson dumped a tray of orange juice deliberately on Fernandes’ lap during the flight, the AP reports: “I wanted to kill him actually” for spilling the juice, the Malaysian told reporters. “He looked at me, I said, `don’t you dare,’ and the next thing I know, he tipped the whole tray on me,” Fernandes added. “He and the girls mopped it up, but I was walking around the flight in my underwear for a while because I didn’t bring another pair of trousers.”


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