World-Class Cuisine in Istanbul

Published Date Author: , April 29th, 2013

Istanbul, TurkeyHeading to Turkey for an exotic vacation? Joseph Schmitt reports on Turkish cuisine:

Admittedly, before my first visit to Turkey, my experiences with Turkish cuisine hadn’t gone far beyond an occasional morsel of Turkish delight or a heart-pounding cup of Westernized Turkish coffee. And an airplane is usually the last place one would expect to find culinary insights into a foreign culture. I shudder to think of a first-time visitor to the United States judging our gastronomic prowess based on a choice of “meat or fish” served with reheated whipped potatoes and a pre-packaged brownie! I quickly learned, however, that Turkish Airlines ( not only still retains some of that pre-deregulation glamour now only found on foreign airlines, it’s also a regular winner in the annual Skytrax World Airline Awards (–in recent years taking home top place for “Best Economy Class Airline Catering” and “Best Airline Europe.”

One of the best parts of visiting a truly foreign country is sampling the unique cuisine.

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