Quick Escapes for Business Travelers in Raleigh, North Carolina

Published Date Author: , April 3rd, 2013

If you’re traveling to Raleigh, North Carolina on business and want some great, quick things to do while you’re in town, check out this article by Darren Murph at Sherman’s Travel:

If Raleigh pops up on your list of places that are soon to be traveled to, you’re in luck. For one, the capital of North Carolina is a gorgeous place to be in the spring, and moreover, yours truly has spent the vast majority of his life calling The Tar Heel State home. In an effort to get you outside the boardroom and into the best parts of central NC, we’re offering up two restaurants, two attractions, and one bar that you can hit with just a few extra hours between meetings.

EAT: Being that you’re in the south, you’d be doing yourself a tremendous disservice if you left the downtown Raleigh region without a visit to The Pit. While simply named, this eatery is truly one that you won’t soon forget. It’s beautifully decorated, staffed by folks with genuine hospitality, and it offers up some of the best southern cooking you’ll ever taste. Be it pork, ribs, grits, green beans, or fried okra, everything that’s served here is cooked to perfection.

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