Gay Mexico: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico City Welcome Gay Travelers

Published Date Author: , February 21st, 2013

Mexico MapLooking to vacation in Mexico this year? Two very different cities offer LGBT travelers a welcoming place to visit.

Let’s start with Gay San Diego’s take on Mexico City:

Few places in North America are more misunderstood by United States travelers than Mexico City, a dynamic and unquestionably enormous metropolis that’s incredibly rich in history, abundant with culture, blessed with chic restaurants and gay-friendly bars, and abuzz with trendy hotels.

This city with a staggering metro-regional population of 21.6 million and a dizzying elevation of about 7,500 feet is expensive by Mexico standards, especially when it comes to international hotels, restaurants and other establishments that cater to business travelers. But if you venture a bit off the beaten path, you can enjoy a five-star vacation here for a fraction of what you’d pay for a comparable experience in many U.S. cities.

Most visitors who spend a few days or more here come away surprised, if even perplexed, by the lousy and unfair press Mexico City has received over the years. Whatever the city’s risks and inconveniences, they’re greatly outweighed by its bohemian sophistication, creative energy and friendly demeanor.

Over at Canoe Magazine, they’re taking a look at Gay Puerto Vallarta:

We’ve barely set sail on our trimaran cruise before Diana DeCoste and her “Boys” are plying us with cocktails, beer, scrumptious chocolate banana bread — not to mention “fruit cups.”

The 40 gay men and half dozen lesbians, including my wife and me, are already feeling very gay … er happy… to spend the day with DeCoste, knowing the food and drink will be flowing, the scenery breathtaking and that she and her staff will spoil everyone.

DeCoste, a native Montrealer who moved to Puerto Vallarta 16 years ago, has been doing a cruise of some sort for 13 years.

Either way, have a great time exploring Mexico’s gay friendly destinations.

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