Gay Cruise News: Singapore to Hong Kong in March; Danube River Cruise Report

Published Date Author: , February 21st, 2013

Gay CruiseRainbow Tourism reports on a new Atlantis gay cruise in Asia setting out from Singapore on March 31st:

This March 31 – April 11, set sail on the high seas for a fantastic voyage from Singapore to Hong Kong with Atlantis. The premiere agency when it comes to gay cruises, expect to feel the warm breeze of South-East Asia across your skin as you sail through some of the most memorable and pristine waters that the Earth has to offer. Cruising along with a ship full of like-minded individuals as you explore 4 unique countries is an experience like no other. Atlantis specialises in ensuring that each and every participant has the experience of a life-time and this trip will be no different. So whether you are exploring the amazing beaches of Koh Samui or wandering the streets of Ho Chi Minh, Atlantis has got you covered.

Over at Passport Magazine, Matthew Wexler reports on a gay cruise up the Danube River:

The sun has begun to set. It is the “golden hour” when everything (and everyone) looks warm and inviting. The skeptic in me wants to believe that I am seeing the world through Campari glasses, but my inner wide-eyed traveler reminds me that I have just set sail down the Danube River. Flickering tiny villages give way to vineyards built into steep hills that rise out of the riverbed. Cities appear beyond smokestacks and water locks. On board as the temperature begins to cool, men walk hand in hand along the deck and women snuggle under cozy blankets. I am aboard Brand g Vacations’ inaugural itinerary—a privately chartered cruise from AmaWaterways, one of Europe’s leading riverboat operators. The current carries us down river as a piano player’s tuneful musings rise from the lounge below. How I wish this golden hour would never end.

I remember our RSVP Caribbean cruise fondly – there’s something great about being surrounded by other LGBT travelers – a what-if-the-whole-world-were-gay vibe. 🙂

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