January Events in San Miguel de Allende

Published Date Author: , January 22nd, 2013


San Miguel Events

Henry Miller, the Painter
Lecture, Casa Verde
Wednesday, Jan. 23

The Priceless Chapel
art opening, artist and poet Daniel Patrick Helmstetter
Wednesday, Jan. 23

The Perfect Censorship
Jennifer Clement, PEN Conferences

opening, Rug Hook Store
Mujeres en Cambio traditional “Rancho” lunch
Thursday, Jan. 24

SMA LGBT Lounge Night
Dos Casas

Enrique Garrik
Thursday, Jan. 25

opening, ZOA: 3 Artists
Zoë, Oscar, Anado
Saturday, Jan. 26

opening, Arte Actual
Ma Guadalupe Palafox
Saturday, Jan. 26

a “one man comedy nightmare”
Monday, Jan. 28

San Antonio Art Walk
24 artists, 2 days, great neighborhood
Saturday, Feb. 2 and Sunday, Feb. 3

San Miguel Film Festival
through Saturday, Jan. 26

Interview: ZOA Artists
Zoë Siegel, Oscar M. Heredia, Anado McLachlin

Studies in Natural Aromatics
classes, salon

Shannon Reece
Portrait of the Artist

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