Watch the Solar Eclipse in Australia in November

Published Date Author: , October 10th, 2012
by Glenn Smith, Toby’s Retreat, Holloways Beach, Queensland, Australia
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Watch the Solar Eclipse in Australia in November

Watch the Solar Eclipse in Australia in NovemberWhen dawn breaks across Cairns and Great Barrier Reef on 14 November 2012, the early chatter of birds and animals will be replaced by an eerie silence. The temperature will drop as the moon overtakes the sun and casts a shadow so large the land will be plunged into darkness.

Watch the Solar Eclipse in Australia in NovemberEclipse 2012 is attracting world-wide attention from visitors planning holidays around the event which is best viewed from the Cairns region. The total solar eclipse will be seen along a strip of land about 200km wide which crosses the top of eastern Australia and the Coral Sea.
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It is rare for a total eclipse to be visible from land, so the excitement is building for those who want to share in this extraordinary phenomenon. Three charter flights from Japan are bringing eclipse-watchers, and several cruise ships are scheduled to be in the Cairns & Great Barrier Reef region in time for passengers to see the eclipse. Accommodation inquiries are flooding in and special events have been planned to celebrate Eclipse 2012.

What will you see?

As the moon moves between the earth and the sun it will look like a small bite which gradually increases in size. Watch for Baily’s Beads where the sun shines through the rugged surface of the moon creating points of light on the edge of the moon’s disc. These can only be seen for a few seconds before and after total darkness. When only one point of light is left, it is called the Diamond Ring effect as the single bead of light looks like a shiny ring with an enormous sparkling diamond.

When the moon covers the sun entirely, a faint halo or corona appears and this phase is known as totality.

As the moon moves away from the sun, Baily’s Beads may be seen again before the sun fully emerges.

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