Visitng Gay Barcelona

Published Date Author: , October 19th, 2012

Not only is Barcelona beautiful, charming, sunny, delicious and fun, it also has the unquestionable distinction of being one of the premier Gay capitals in Europe.

The gay scene is here vibrant and integrated. Barcelona is a modern city, with a modern outlook. It is open-minded and welcoming to all – so head on down for a good time! From the beaches to the clubs, from the shops to the beautiful architecture, you’ll have plenty to do, by day and by night.

Most of the gay scene is centred around an area called Eixample pronounced Ay-Sham-Play and, for reasons that will become apparent, nicknamed gayxample. Just north of the centre, Eixample is a modern and trendy district. It is the heart of the gay scene, even though it’s not exclusively gay. It is here that you’ll find all the bars, clubs and accommodation that you need for a great night out.

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