Visiting Gay Australia for the Holidays

Published Date Author: , October 17th, 2012

Australia for the HolidaysThinking about what to do this holiday season? The biggest event down under will be the 2012 solar eclipse, Turtle Cove has the best vantage point in Australia with the path of the eclipse passing right over our resort.from 5.45am to 7.40am on Wednesday 14 November 2012. ( Bloody early in the morning he…he..)

It is rare for a total eclipse to be visible from land, so the excitement is building for those who want to share in this once in a lifetime extraordinary phenomenon.

Zinc FM 102.7 / 4CA will be doing a live broadcast from our lawns on the beach where the eclipse passes right above us causing a total blackout.They will also broadcast live through all their channels in QLD and other stations throughout Australia.

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