Traveling Gay in Muslim Countries

Published Date Author: , October 20th, 2012

Muslim Countries and Gay TravelThat I have a thing for dark-featured guys is no secret to those who know me. When I announced I would be visiting the Middle East and North Africa prior to embarking on my latest trip, my second journey into the region thus far, the conclusion to which many jumped — that shawarma wouldn’t be the only meat I consumed in this neck of the woods — wasn’t off base, logically speaking.

In practice however, meeting dudes in Muslim countries — for dudes, anyway — isn’t particularly easy or even legal.

Several of my less-traveled friends and acquaintances, gay and straight alike, have hypothesized that this might introduce an element of excitement to the old “hunt.” In reality however, even appearing gay in most of the Islamic world is dangerous. Actively cruising practically guarantees abuse and punishment, often of the harsh sort. The silver lining? You get to experience aspects of each destination you might miss if you were busy chasing tail.

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