Trapped at Singapore’s Airport

Published Date Author: , October 26th, 2012

Gay Travel: Trapped at Singapore's AirportLong layovers — that is, longer than 12 hours, but less than 24 hours — are always a big source of indecision for me. Do I stay in the airport, or go into town? Do I get a hotel, or put my things in a locker? Do I attempt to see the destination, or just relax before my flight?

The last time I faced this decision was back in September, when I had 17 hours at Singapore’s Changi International airport en route from Bali to Bangkok. Since I’d already visited Singapore for a few days the week before, I didn’t particularly need to go into the city, but I also dreaded staying in an airport for nearly a full day.

Fortunately, there was nothing to dread. With shops, restaurants, massage parlors, spas, fitness centers and even an indoor orchid garden, Singapore airport is something of a tourist destination unto itself — I didn’t even watch the clock!

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