Toronto to Host DREAM Leather Fetish Party on October 13th

Published Date Author: , October 4th, 2012

Gay Travel: Toronto to Host DREAM Leather Fetish Party on October 13thIf you’re into dressin’ up sexy and putting on some of those fancy leather chaps, we North Americans seem to forget that there’s more to life than the various coastal Folsom parties: Beyond LA, New York, and San Francisco (or Chicago, for example!), we most often forget about Canada and her fabulous gay capitals.

How foolish to neglect Toronto, we realize, because coming in two weeks is DREAM, hosted by Northbound Leather. Long-billed as the “world’s largest fetish party” and this premier leather event (and fashion show!) in Canada’s most populous city takes place every fall, and now there’s less than two weeks left to buy your tickets!

First held in 1979 at the St. Lawrence Centre in Toronto, the party was hosted by Northbound–the fetish boutique and designers responsible for dressing 80s and 90s punk and metal bands and singers, like Iron Maiden, Rough Trade, Carole Pop and Lee Aaron. The label began presenting its fashion show along with the festival in 1988, setting the precident for the Betty Page Social Club, a long-running Toronto fetish party, and the popularity of DREAM: the whole shebang brings in 3,000-5,000 revelers every year (Nowadays their looks are worn by pop stars we won’t mention and featured in movies, like the Total Recall remake starring Colin Farrell)!

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