The Paradox of Luxury Travel

Published Date Author: , October 21st, 2012

This weekend, I decided to travel with my boyfriend Henrique to the island of Koh Samet. Less foreigner-infested than sex tourism hotspot Pattaya, but approximately the same distance from Bangkok, Koh Samet provides a more “real” Thailand travel experience.

Unfortunately, we succumbed to one the less-savory aspects of real Thailand travel: We got scammed. The driver of our bus abandoned us at a gas station in the middle of nowhere and, when we refused to pay the exorbitant rate the conveniently-placed taxi driver quoted us, found ourselves quickly stranded in a place where nobody spoke English.

We ended up missing the boat to Samet but, thanks to a drunk farmer with just enough space for two farang in the back of his equipment-filled pickup, we caught the last bus back to Bangkok.

Authored By Robert Schrader – See the Full Story at Leave Your Daily Hell

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