The Most Expensive Places to Go

Published Date Author: , October 28th, 2012

Gay Travel: The Most Expensive Places to GoThe majority of the travel money tips I post are of the low-budget variety so this week, I thought I would do something different: Blog about the most expensive places in the world to travel.

Budget travelers, you have been warned.


You’ll be wishing for cheap prices when you travel in Switzerland!
My best friend Bianca is Swiss, so when I travel to Switzerland, I have a free place to stay, free breakfast and often free transportation. In spite of this, I still spend a shit ton of money in Switzerland.

Case in point. When I arrived in Switzerland most recently, in early July, Bianca and I decided to celebrate with a veggie burger at Burger King. (Disclaimer: veggie burgers at Swiss Burger Kings are fucking awesome). The cost? A cool 13 Swiss francs, or about $14. Restaurant meals are even more expensive: A small pizza that would cost 6-7 euro in Italy is 22 CHF in Switzerland.

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