The Gay Travel Checklist

Published Date Author: , October 12th, 2012

The Gay Travel ChecklistDo travel plans stress you out to the point of staying awake late into the night with thoughts running through your head? Did you remember to back the right travel essentials? Did you arrange for someone to pick up your mail for you and check up on the house while you’re away? The easiest way to ruin a vacation is to have forgotten the perfect gear or goodies, important documents, or safety items. With our first ever gay travel checklist, you no longer have to worry over your usual travel packing woes! Check out our packing and preparation suggestions–and let us know what special items you love to add to yours!

Home Checklist

– Arrange for pet and plant care.
– Stop routine deliveries for longer vacations: including mail, newspaper, and larger shipments.
– Turn off heat and/or air conditioning
– Consider making your home seem lived-in while you are away by leaving a light on
– Close and lock all windows, garages, and doors.
– Leave a spare set of keys and itinerary with a friend or neighbor

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