Rooftop Tour of Stockholm

Published Date Author: , October 15th, 2012

Gay Travel: Rooftop Tour of StockholmStockholm is beautiful seen from any angle, and the aerial views from a rooftop on Riddarholmen Island is definitely not the exception. When Visit Stockholm mentioned this tour, I was obsessed over it, an immediately made the arrangements to make it happen. The tour takes approximately one hour and fifteen minutes, and will take you to the top of the old Parliament building.

Be brave and face your fears… I am not scared of heights at all, but I must say that if you are, this is not the tour for you, or maybe yes. Safety is the prime concern. The safety appliances on the rooftop meet all requirements of the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning. All of the safety equipment, as well as our safety system on the rooftop are approved according to the EU-standard and are CE- marked.

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