My First Day in Deauville Normandy

Published Date Author: , October 8th, 2012

Deauville, FranceOn my first day visit to Deauville in Normandy, I learned a lot of interesting facts, back at my suite next to my fireplace I am writing and sharing them all with you. Deauville dates from 1860, being this their 152 anniversary. Located in the northwestern France, part of the commune of Calvados, yes the same that gives the denomination of origin to the famous Brandy.

Deauville is divided into Upper and Lower. Part of what they name Cote Fleurie (Flowers Coast) has long been home to French high society’s seaside houses and is often referred to as the Parisian riviera. Duque Morny envisioned to turn Deauville into the Kingdom of Elegance for Parisian, and so he did. Dream that survived through World War I and II.

Authored By Carlos Melia- See the Full Story at the Carlos Melisa Blog

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