My Afternoon Exploring Helsinki

Published Date Author: , October 15th, 2012

Gay Travel: My Afternoon Exploring HelsinkiToday I spent my whole afternoon, walking around Helsinki. From Kluuvi where my hotel is located, up to the area of Kallio, know to be the bohemian and edgier district of Helsinki. The city feels rather small, with only 592 ish Finns.

Today was my informal introduction to Helsingfors – original Swedish name for this city – since tomorrow I will have a proper city tour courtesy of the people at Visit Finland.

Some facts: Sweden’s King Guytavus Vasa founded Helsinki at the mouth of the Vantaajoki River in 1550. As a result of the war with Russia, Finland became an autonomous grand duchy of Russia in 1809. Finland became independent in 1917, and Helsinki assumed as the capital of the new born republic.

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