Le Voltaire – A Classic Restaurant in Paris

Published Date Author: , October 5th, 2012

Le Voltaire Restaurant, ParisLast night over a pouring rain Paris, I came for dinner to a classic and institution of Paris and the French Cuisine, Le Voltaire. Yes we made it there, after booking our table with over a month in advance. two small, cozy and lovely rooms with approximately 10 tables each. A very intimate space, full of tradition, style and fantastic homemade style food. Located on 27 Quay Voltaire, across the Seine from the Louvre Museum.

Great menu with huge selection of French Cuisine classics and a few new adds. The food is not to be resisted, same as the bread that they keep bringing to the table every single minute, on all forms and types. Average menu with 3 steps plus wine EUR 145 x person.

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