Four Travel Mistakes Women Make When Traveling Alone

Published Date Author: , October 5th, 2012

Lesbian Travel: Four Travel Mistakes Women Make When Traveling AloneThe first time I boarded a plane by myself was one of the most terrifying AND exhilarating experiences of my life. I wanted to go home as much as I wanted the plane to take off right away. That first trip, long before there was an internet to use for research or social media friends to offer advice, I relied on advice from my mom and girlfriends.

Some of their advice I listened to. Most of it, I ignored. Considering my shocking lack of street smarts, I’m amazed I got home safely. My travel mistakes have ranged from budget-busting to stupid safety choices that (thankfully) ended with a good story to tell when I got home. The key is to learn from those mistakes and not repeat them.

If you enjoy solo travel, hopefully our tips will save you from frustration. If not, there’s always a chance always the chance of a good story.

Authored By Julia Rosien – See the Full Story at Go Girlfriend

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